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Why Register?

Registering gives you access to some great features of our app. And the best part? Many of the features are available for free!

Commercial Barcodes

A commercial barcode, also known as a UPC or EAN code, are found on most products sold at the store. If you've found a barcode we don't have yet, you can add them by signing into your account.

Custom Barcodes

You can create your own custom barcode online, print it, and tape it onto an item. The best part? They can say whatever you want - be creative!

Some examples:
  • Medication: "take 2 pills everyday at noon"
  • Spices: "garlic powder"
  • Instructions: "cinnamon sticks, use 2 for making apple cider"
  • Keys: "front door house key"
  • CDs: "The Beatles, Abbey Road Album"

You get 2 free custom barcodes with your account, and can sign up for a subscription to create more.